Before we were Mr. & Mrs. Wright


Extreme dune buggy close-up


A slightly more flattering photo


Biggest Brother


Biggest Brother at 2 – he’s still not real sure about fireworks


But he loves roller coasters!


Biggest Brother with my baby bro


Our first trip to Mexico


Me “snorkeling” in Mexico.  I know, the Pansy’s called and they want their ass back.  I’ll never hear the end of it.


Middle Brother says, “Mooooove over, I’m sleepy.”


Darling Devil


The best stepdad a girl could have


Littlest Brother


Look at all those fish!  I’m an expert deep sea fisherwoman…or the boat captain helped me. 


Our breadmaking lesson


They’re so cute when they’re not fighting


More coming soon!

7 thoughts on “Photos”

  1. GREAT pictures!!!!!

    Wow, thanks Leigh! That’s a major compliment coming from you!

  2. I love your photos. They really tell a story of who you are. Well done!

  3. Jenn Benn said:

    You haven’t changed a since you weren’t Mrs. Wright! Great blog, thanks for sharing! I’m inspired to do my own! P.S. I saw that one of the least stressful jobs is a pastry chef. :-)

  4. wonderful photos

  5. Cute pics!!

  6. Just found your blog, and already think you’re a kick. Loved the pictures, and I feel like once you’ve seen someone in their bathing suit, you at least have to tell them you were looking. I’m Mrs. Pansy, and you can keep my ass. Heaven knows I won’t be using it. Lived in the Caribbean 4 years, snorkeled pretty much like an Eskimo. No Idea why I’m starting all sentences without fully developed subjects or at least personal pronouns, but hoping Jr. Honors English teacher Ms. Hess is too busy re-decorating the seventh circle of hell to notice. Hope you’ll drop by my blog and say hi, but not obligating you to anything! (Sadly, there are no pictures. I keep meaning to add some, but I continue to be fat…)

  7. Nikki~

    hello~ It is so good to see your blog and fun photos of you and your darling boys. It has been a very long time. Hope life has been treating you well. We would love to reconnect with you through blog or facebook. I found you through Courtney.

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