I know I’m supposed to be taking and posting photos of our new digs (because that’s what people want to see), but the fact is, it’s just not gonna happen until my house is put together.  Even after a month there are pictures that need to be hung. And I can’t hang pictures because there are no pictures to hang in them. 

We have no pictures because every time we’ve ever taken family photos my boys make me want to curse and have Mr. Wright fixed as soon as possible.  Nevermind that I am supposed to be a photographer.  Just nevermind.

So, in lieu of photos of the house, I will just say that I love Austin.  The sun is hot, the pool and lake are cool, and the people are friendly.  The only thing lacking is a Costco within acceptable proximity.  I NEED Costco. 

Other things of notable interest:

  • Our high school football team just lost their first game in a 48 game winning streak.  They are serious about football here.  I’m talking, you have to be shuttled to the game serious, because every parking lot and square inch of grass on campus has been parked on.  It’s…well, it’s actually very cool.  They have been state champs three years in a row.  The school pride is very endearing and surprisingly contagious!
  • Although we are missing our friends and Nana (and favorite babysitters) something fierce, we are definitely making do here.  We FINALLY went on a date after more than two months of NO DATING.  None, nada, zilch.  I thought I would go mad, I tell you, maaaaaad!
  • We have some friends to hang out with now, and they have produced our new awesome babysitter!  Bonus, she lives right down the street!  Yes!!!  There will be at least some dating going on, although Mr. Wright has us on financial lockdown for the time-being.  I hate financial lockdown.
  • There are definitely bugs here.  Most of them don’t bother me, but I’ve heard from lots of people that scorpions get into their houses every once in a while.  I will definitely be screaming like a girl and running like a pansy if I see a freaking scorpion in my house.  I did get a chigger in my sock, but that was just itchy and annoying.  No big.
  • Did I mention I got a puppy?  Yes, well.  We had to put a cat bell on the puppy because he follows us everywhere (I do not exaggerate) and he is constantly being punted around the house by large unsuspecting puppy tramplers.  Note to puppy: You should not walk under people’s feet when you weigh less than two pounds. 
  •  The boys have started school, which will be its own post as soon as I get around to not being lazy. 
  • Also in its own post will be about how I have decided to venture into wedding photography, how I’m a nervous wreck about it, and about how Mr. Wright had a small seizure when I bought all the equipment I needed.  No worries, he seems to be recovering nicely. 

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you are my friend or family member – and that means I am missing you. 

Hugs from Texas my loves!

{I just realized this is my 200th entry – look at me with my bad self!}