Actually, I don’t know my head from a hole in the ground, but hey, it’s sunny! 

We’ve been five people in a hotel room for two weeks today.  And we’re going to be five people in a hotel room for another three weeks.  It’s not so bad, really.  The swimming pool saves us, and there is great shopping all around.  Lucky for Mr. Wright, because he’s trying to work during the day from the crazy hotel room.  The kids and I normally take off after lunch and don’t come back until dinner time to save his poor, frail, diminishing sanity. 

The small people are very noisy.  I didn’t realize how noisy three boys are until I was trapped in a two room prison with them day and night.  We had to move to a different hotel after the first night because we needed a ground floor unit to save the people below us from becoming deaf.  We found that our boys tiptoe loudly.  They whisper loudly.  Heaven forbid they laugh or crawl on the ground. 

Herds of elephants and buffalo running for their lives from screaming natives make less noise.

Anyway.  We think the chaos will end in three weeks.  We have an amazing house lined up in an amazing estate neighborhood in The Hills.  The city really is just called “The Hills”.  I foresee an MTV reality show in my future.  “The Real Desperate Housewives of The Hills, Yeehaw Edition”.  Catchy, yes?

I love the house and the neighborhood, but what I really love is the backyard.  It’s a half-acre of Copacabanaland.  I just can’t get over the fact that we are actually going to have a fun backyard and a pool.  And sun to play in.  Sun.  Suuuuuuun!  And, this being Texas and all, there are two built-in smokers in the back!  I have no idea what to do with them yet, but believe you me, it won’t take but a minute. 

Now we just have to get the lovely woman we’re getting the house from to GET THE HECK OUT!