People asked me before my trip:

“You’re going to Disney World by yourself?”

And now it’s:

“You went to Disney World by yourself?”

Yep, and I go to movies by myself too.  And the grocery store.  And sometimes the bathroom, if I’m lucky.  Why do people find this so weird?  Trust me, that’s definitely not the weirdest thing about me.

Anyway, about Disney World!  I was told to wear “ears” and take lots of pictures, and I did.  I was an adult, alone at Disney World, wearing Mickey Mouse ears.  And taking pictures of myself. 

Ok, that does sound a little strange. 

Going to D-World was kind of like the pink sparkly icing on an enormous Jamaican flavored cake.  My plan was to hit all four parks in one day.  Everyone doubted and scoffed at me.  No one thought I could do it.  Did I do it?  Yes.  Was it hard?  Yes.  Was I sweaty?  You bet.  Was it worth it?  Absolutely.

Man, I was excited to go on my first ride.  That’s Mt. Everest coming out of my head. 

After Animal Kingdom I ran to catch the bus to Hollywood Studios.  I honestly don’t think I’ve ever sweated so much in my life.   (Note to the curly haired reader: Do not attempt to straighten your hair in Orlando.  Unless an afro is the look you’re going for.)
















The Tower of Terror…it wasn’t so scary.  But the sheen on my face, and my growing hair – frightening. 

You know what else was frightening?  The number of bra-less women at Disney World.  I’m not even kidding.  There were saggy boobs, perky boobs, young boobs, granny boobs – you name it.  What’s up with that?  With all those crazy rides you’d think they’d want more support.

One nice thing about going alone is that you get to hop in the single rider lines (or the Loser Lines, as I heard people calling them). 

Hey look!  It’s another picture of me by myself!















The whole time I was there people were asking me in a sad voice if they could take my picture for me.  Oh, look at that sad, pathetic girl at Disney World by herself.  She probably doesn’t have any friends.  Well, she is kind of sweaty.

Cinderella’s Castle was my final stop.  Some of you told me to take pictures with Mickey, but I wasn’t about to wait in line.  Why don’t they just wander around anymore?  Maybe they got freaked out by lone adult tourists running up to them yelling, “MICKEY!”

My favorite part of the whole day?  Riding Rockin’ Roller Coaster.  I rode it twice and it was awesome. 

So if you asked me if you should go to Disney World by yourself and I’d say do it.  If you asked me if you could hit all four parks in one day I’d say go for it.  If you asked me if it was fun I’d say heck yeah!  I’d do it again!